CRTNPR 022 Various Artists

  • CRTNPR 022 Various Artists
  • CRTNPR 022 Various Artists

(12 inch,White Label)

Criterion Records present four unique takes on Amen manipulation. From the cosmic chops of Tactical Aspect to the frenetic edits of ADM, the rolling drums of Polarity and the devastating power of Furious And Paragon each track has its own individual character.

Fuelling the storm of Amens are familiar vocal samples from the ghosts of jungle, waves of rich atmospherics and layers of FX that aid each song to weave their own story.

Reference points range from the early ethereal sounds of 1993 to the dark intense tones of 1997 and beyond. At times celestial at others relentless this EP has something for every Amen fanatic.

This vinyl only release was mastered by Sappo and cut by Beau Thomas. The twelve inch also features a magnificent sleeve designed by Simos (

Criterion 22 sees the label taking a different and more experimental approach than previous records but maintains its dedication to intricate drum and bass as well as unleashing some of the toughest Amens into the scene.